News and Events

Listen to my interview with Sharon Mander Veer, host of Writer’s Block, on KFUN Las Vegas, NM

Listen to my interview with recovering musician, John McAndrew, on VoiceAmerica’s One Hour at a Time

Listen to my interview with Vicki St. Clair, host of Conversations Live, on Seattle’s KKNW

Kirkus Reviews wrote a glowing review of My Dead Friend Sarah that you can read here.

A very pleasant interview and review from Brianna Jacobson, author of Little Conqueror.

The Kindle Book review declares My Dead Friend Sarah a HOT NEW RELEASE. 

Mark Matthews, author of The Jade Rabbit and Stray, compares my writing to Palahniuk.

A swell mini-interview from The University of Texas’ blog The Ranch with Mr. David Wen. 

Awesome Indies picks My Dead Friend Sarah as a worthy title to list on their site.

2 responses to “News and Events

  1. I hope your recovery is proceeding. I note that not much new has been added lately and hope you are well.

    • hey there, sorry it took so long to get back to you. i’m doing just great! afraid i let my job take over most of my life the last six months, and am hoping to get back to doing a bit or writing outside of it now that i’ve settled a bit again. thanks for checking up on me!

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